About Carbon Innovations


Why we do what we do

Carbon Innovations is a collaboration of social impact entrepreneurs and investors working to discover and accelerate innovative solutions to climate change.

We are not on track to avert catastrophic climate change.  Atmospheric CO2 has reached 410 ppm – far above levels ever seen in human history, and well above levels deemed safe by climate scientists.  Global CO2 emissions are at 37 BN tons per year and still rising, and all the plans produced by the Paris Accords are not enough to result in the >5% annual declines we must achieve in the next decade.  To  hold global temperature gains to 2 C we must remove CO2 from the atmosphere and oceans at gigaton scales.

We're not yet on track to avert climate disaster. Our theory of change is simple. We'll have to transform our economy from wasting stored carbon to storing wasted carbon. It's technically feasible and absolutely necessary. The business sector must perceive a business opportunity in storing rather than wasting carbon. We can play a role in that transition.

Businesses must be motivated to capture CO2 from waste sources, convert it to useful materials, and use those materials to create a wide range of durable products on a massive scale.  CO2 is a valuable resource that presents an opportunity for innovative businesses to profit and contribute to solving Global Warming.  We believe that business, city and state leaders citizens must chart a path to a “carbon positive” future.

Our portfolio of projects includes an initiative to store carbon in buildings, technical innovation to transform concrete and plastic, investments in materials ventures, policy advocacy to price carbon pollution, and policy advocacy to invest in deep energy retrofits of buildings

Our strategy requires demand-driven market transformation, supply change evolution, and business model innovation. It depends on the invention of new products that can disrupt current markets and that rely on breakthough partnerships and collaborations.

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Our projects

  • TRANSFORM THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT. In partnership with the Carbon Leadership Forum at the University of Washington, we are developing a global collective impact initiative to transform the built environment from a source of billions of tons of carbon emissions every year to a massive carbon sink, absorbing over a billion tons of CO2 each year by 2050. 
  • RE-ENGINEER CONCRETE WITH CARBON NANOMATERIALS. We're exploring a variety of ways to transform cement and concrete from a source of carbon emissions to a valuable new carbon storage storage.
  • A PRICE ON CARBON POLLUTION. We work with key partners such as Climate Solutions to strengthen policy solutions to climate change.
  • TARGETTED INVESTMENTS. We explore investments in breakthrough technologies -- from new anode materials to cellulose insulation -- that can support a diversity of climate solutions. 
  • RETROFIT HOMES FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY. We've invested in a project to provide systemic and financial incentives for property owners and agents to reduce the carbon footprint of homes.