Donald Bain--British

(1922-    )

Born in 1922, Donald Bain attended Cambridge and along with Nicholas Moore, Hamish Henderson and Alex Comfort edited the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge Writing in 1942. During World War II, Bain served with the Royal Artillery and Gordon Highlands. His first book of published poetry comes from this period. His best known poem, “War Poet” is included in this section. Though he continued to write poetry, professionally he is an actor.


War Poet

We in our haste can only see the small components of the scene
We cannot tell what incidents will focus on the final screen.
A barrage of disruptive sound, a petal on a sleeping face,
Both must be noted, both must have their place.
It may be that our later selves or else our unborn sons
Will search for meaning in the dust of long-deserted guns,
We only watch, and indicate and make our scribbled pencil notes.
We do not wish to moralize, only to ease our dusty throats.