Rose Graubart--American

Rose Graubert


Rose Graubert Ignatow was born in 1914. She was a prolific writer and artist. Much of her work, paintings and poetry, was autobiographical in nature and included many thematic and period pieces. Graubert studied at Cooper Union and the Art Students League. She produced over ten one-person shows. She exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Jewish Museum and the Guild Hall in New York, in addition to contributing to other major exhibitions throughout the United States. She published two books of stories, Down the American River and Surplus Love. She died in 1995.


New Photos of Bombed Children

As dials turn war comes on—
Imagination wastes no time;
it clubs the facts into mind;
it asks, who are you? While this goes on:
Some refuse to speak about it,
but break down over news photos of bombed children.
One cried on the breast of a young criminal,
though she knew the bloody specks in his mind
                               might catch in her eyes.
Some repudiate desire,
grabbing the hands of pimps. 
People who hate are scared of each other,
and lovers are uneasy together.
In this search of their feelings,
they run out singly.
They catch anyone’s hand:
Killers and lovers exchange the sweat of their palms.