With atmospheric CO2 now at over 400 ppm, we know that every current plan or initiative to draw down GHGs – including converting to clean energy, reducing emissions, growing more trees, reducing beef consumption, and protecting natural carbon sinks – will not be enough.

We want to transform carbon from an existential threat into a global business opportunity. We’ll have to pull gigatons of CO2 out of the atmosphere and sequester it permanently to restore ecological balance. For this to happen soon enough, global business must have compelling opportunities to profit by doing what’s best for the planet and humanity – in short, structural imperatives to successfully confront climate change.

Our solution is three-fold: 1) capture greenhouse gases (from ambient air, from smokestacks, from industrial waste streams); 2) convert greenhouse gases into useful carbon-based materials that can replace or improve steel, plastics, concrete; 3) manufacture thousands of useful products with carbon-based feedstocks. This triple solution is based on research discoveries, technologies, and market developments that already exist, but which we can accelerate dramatically.

Our first focus will be on the built environment for two major reasons: 1) an extensive global network of “green building” professionals exists, including architects, engineers, contractors, and developers; 2) the built environment is responsible for 50% of greenhouse gases , and presents an attractive opportunity for making large-scale, near-term impact.